“railMybox’s two-part approach to minimise CO2 emissions really impressed our team. All our rail transports now use 100% green electricity. Where emissions cannot be avoided, we offset the CO2 value for a low cost.”

Protect the planet. Go via rail.

“Our goal is to transport goods sustainably from end to end. railMybox’s green last-mile trucking options help us meet our environmental targets.”

Balance climate with speed and cost.

E-locomotives run with 100% renewable hydropower.
Direct to destination, without reloading or interruption.
Alternative routing possible.

Sustainable transport with railMybox

We help you grow your business while reducing your CO2 footprint.


Experience effective trucking alternatives

Discover efficient freight transport options with a positive environmental impact.


Go 100% CO2-neutral

Offset emissions at a low cost upon request.


Reduce traffic on the roads

Go via rail and reduce emissions, traffic jams and road damage.


Bundle large transport volumes

A 740-meter freight train replaces 52 full trucks.


Keep hazardous & high-value goods safe

Lower risk of accidents or robbery when transporting via rail.


Stay on track with rail’s efficiency

High productivity thanks to needs-based work and operational schedules.